Specially Designed Bracelets

If you have a bracelet design that you would like others to be able to order, please contact Mary at nomacenterprise@aol.com to have it added to the web site.  Pricing is carried over from whatever quantity discount was applied to the original order.
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A1C Kenneth "K3" SturgillA1C Kenneth "K3" Sturgill
SSGT Dallas Ramsey PaulsSSGT Dallas Ramsey Pauls
SSG Christopher RudzinskiSSG Christopher Rudzinski
SGT Ryan David JopekSGT Ryan David Jopek
SSGT Lobraico - TSGT Lemm - SSGT BonacasaSSGT Lobraico - TSGT Lemm - SSGT Bonacasa
105th Base Defense105th Base Defense
1LT Omar Vazquez1LT Omar Vazquez
PFC Antonio StigginsPFC Antonio Stiggins
SSGT Ryan HammondSSGT Ryan Hammond
SPC Robert L Ferguson JrSPC Robert L Ferguson Jr
133rd MP Co133rd MP Co
SSG Timothy R McGill (4 Line)SSG Timothy R McGill (4 Line)
CAPT Nathan J. NylanderCAPT Nathan J. Nylander
CPL Christopher WestCPL Christopher West
SSG Houston M TaylorSSG Houston M Taylor
SFC Shawn SuzchSFC Shawn Suzch
DC3 Nathan BruckenthalDC3 Nathan Bruckenthal
CPL Benjamin D. OsbornCPL Benjamin D. Osborn
SGT Drew ScobieSGT Drew Scobie
CW4 James CarterCW4 James Carter
SSG Curtis A MitchellSSG Curtis A Mitchell
SSG Timothy McGillSSG Timothy McGill
James Regan ~ Benjamin KoppJames Regan ~ Benjamin Kopp
SFC Clark Corley ~ SPC Thomas Mayberry ~ SPC Ryan LumleySFC Clark Corley ~ SPC Thomas Mayberry ~ SPC Ryan Lumley
SSGT Todd Lobraico Jr.SSGT Todd Lobraico Jr.
Maj David Brodeur / Exemplar USAFA Class of 2016Maj David Brodeur / Exemplar USAFA Class of 2016
SrA Benjamin D WhiteSrA Benjamin D White
COP Keating 03 OCT 2009COP Keating 03 OCT 2009
Recon Plt 1-36INRecon Plt 1-36IN
CAPT Brandon L. CyrCAPT Brandon L. Cyr
MAJ Lucas GruentherMAJ Lucas Gruenther
CPT Aaron R Blanchard / 1LT RJ HessCPT Aaron R Blanchard / 1LT RJ Hess
1LT RJ Hess1LT RJ Hess
CPT Aaron R BlanchardCPT Aaron R Blanchard
SPC Daniel MetcalfeSPC Daniel Metcalfe
CW3 Matthew Ruffner / CW2 Jarett YoderCW3 Matthew Ruffner / CW2 Jarett Yoder
SSG Christopher Ward / SGT Delfin Santos / CPL Wilbel RoblesSSG Christopher Ward / SGT Delfin Santos / CPL Wilbel Robles
CW3 James E. Groves IIICW3 James E. Groves III
PFC Adam C Ross ~ SPC James A JusticePFC Adam C Ross ~ SPC James A Justice
SFC Coater B. DeboseSFC Coater B. Debose
514th MP CO514th MP CO
SFC Riley StephensSFC Riley Stephens
1SG Billy J Siercks1SG Billy J Siercks
SFC Lonnie J. ParsonSFC Lonnie J. Parson
Major David GrayMajor David Gray
SGT Eric E. WilliamsSGT Eric E. Williams
MAFFS 7 White Draw Fire 01 July 2012MAFFS 7 White Draw Fire 01 July 2012
SPC Nicholas A TaylorSPC Nicholas A Taylor
2-27 Inf Regt Wolfhounds2-27 Inf Regt  Wolfhounds
SGT Joseph LillySGT Joseph Lilly
SPC Jose TorreSPC Jose Torre
SrA Julian S. ScholtenSrA Julian S. Scholten
SSG Tyler J. SmithSSG Tyler J. Smith
2-87 Catamount2-87 Catamount
SSG Nigel D. KellySSG Nigel D. Kelly
SGT William B. GrossSGT William B. Gross
1st LT Roslyn "Roz" Schulte1st LT Roslyn "Roz" Schulte
713th EN CO 6 JAN 12713th EN CO  6 JAN 12
Capt Eric "Dirk" ZieglerCapt Eric "Dirk" Ziegler
SSG Jonathan MetzgerSSG Jonathan Metzger
Major David BrodeurMajor David Brodeur
NATC-A BraceletNATC-A Bracelet
1st LT Joel C. Gentz1st LT Joel C. Gentz