Specially Designed Bracelets

If you have a bracelet design that you would like others to be able to order, please contact Mary at nomacenterprise@aol.com to have it added to the web site.  Pricing is carried over from whatever quantity discount was applied to the original order.
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Detective Daniel "DJ" RomanoDetective Daniel "DJ" Romano
2D LT Cailin Renee Foster2D LT Cailin Renee Foster
Robert Macfarlane LuceRobert Macfarlane Luce
Cadet Anthony "Joe" FernandezCadet Anthony "Joe" Fernandez
Cadet William GorczynskiCadet William Gorczynski
SFC Justin GoffSFC Justin Goff
Cadet/SrA Joseph ThorntonCadet/SrA Joseph Thornton
Captain Ryan PhaneufCaptain Ryan Phaneuf
1LT Ryan D. Rawl1LT Ryan D. Rawl
1st Platoon "Assasins"1st Platoon "Assasins"
MSG Micheal RileyMSG Micheal Riley
SSG Jorge Oliveira / BUC Raymond BorderSSG Jorge Oliveira / BUC Raymond Border
SFC Adrian Elizalde / SFC Michael TullySFC Adrian Elizalde / SFC Michael Tully
1-27 Inf Regt Wolfhounds1-27 Inf Regt Wolfhounds
CW2 Terry Lee Varnadore IICW2 Terry Lee Varnadore II
Major David BrodeurMajor David Brodeur
Maj David Brodeur / Exemplar USAFA Class of 2016Maj David Brodeur / Exemplar USAFA Class of 2016
Pathfinder - 26 May 2011Pathfinder - 26 May 2011
CPL Bobby T CallahanCPL Bobby T Callahan
SGT David Hart - SPC Ivan Merlo - SPC Phillip PannierSGT David Hart - SPC Ivan Merlo - SPC Phillip Pannier
1LT David S. Albandoz1LT David S. Albandoz
Police Officer Dustin JamesPolice Officer Dustin James
SGT Dan Sesker / SSG James 'Juice' JusticeSGT Dan Sesker / SSG James 'Juice' Justice
SSG James 'Juice' JusticeSSG James 'Juice' Justice
SGT Dan SeskerSGT Dan Sesker
Kenneth M Copeland SMPD/USCGKenneth M Copeland SMPD/USCG
CPL Grass-SGT Soto-SFC ScheibnerCPL Grass-SGT Soto-SFC Scheibner
CPT Paul "Stuck" BarbourCPT Paul "Stuck" Barbour
Cpl Adrian V. SoltauCpl Adrian V. Soltau
CW2 Lucas LoweCW2 Lucas Lowe
SGT Jonathon HunterSGT Jonathon Hunter
SSG Jonathan SchmidtSSG Jonathan Schmidt
A1C Kenneth "K3" SturgillA1C Kenneth "K3" Sturgill
SSGT Dallas Ramsey PaulsSSGT Dallas Ramsey Pauls
SSG Christopher RudzinskiSSG Christopher Rudzinski
SGT Ryan David JopekSGT Ryan David Jopek
SSGT Lobraico - TSGT Lemm - SSGT BonacasaSSGT Lobraico - TSGT Lemm - SSGT Bonacasa
105th Base Defense105th Base Defense
1LT Omar Vazquez1LT Omar Vazquez
PFC Antonio StigginsPFC Antonio Stiggins
SSGT Ryan HammondSSGT Ryan Hammond
SPC Robert L Ferguson JrSPC Robert L Ferguson Jr
133rd MP Co133rd MP Co
SSG Timothy R McGill (4 Line)SSG Timothy R McGill (4 Line)
CAPT Nathan J. NylanderCAPT Nathan J. Nylander
CPL Christopher WestCPL Christopher West
SSG Houston M TaylorSSG Houston M Taylor
SFC Shawn SuzchSFC Shawn Suzch
DC3 Nathan BruckenthalDC3 Nathan Bruckenthal
CPL Benjamin D. OsbornCPL Benjamin D. Osborn
SGT Drew ScobieSGT Drew Scobie
CW4 James CarterCW4 James Carter
SSG Curtis A MitchellSSG Curtis A Mitchell
SSG Timothy McGillSSG Timothy McGill
James Regan ~ Benjamin KoppJames Regan ~ Benjamin Kopp
SFC Clark Corley ~ SPC Thomas Mayberry ~ SPC Ryan LumleySFC Clark Corley ~ SPC Thomas Mayberry ~ SPC Ryan Lumley
SSGT Todd Lobraico Jr.SSGT Todd Lobraico Jr.
SrA Benjamin D WhiteSrA Benjamin D White
COP Keating 03 OCT 2009COP Keating 03 OCT 2009
Recon Plt 1-36INRecon Plt 1-36IN
CAPT Brandon L. CyrCAPT Brandon L. Cyr
MAJ Lucas GruentherMAJ Lucas Gruenther
CPT Aaron R Blanchard / 1LT RJ HessCPT Aaron R Blanchard / 1LT RJ Hess
1LT RJ Hess1LT RJ Hess
CPT Aaron R BlanchardCPT Aaron R Blanchard
SPC Daniel MetcalfeSPC Daniel Metcalfe
CW3 Matthew Ruffner / CW2 Jarett YoderCW3 Matthew Ruffner / CW2 Jarett Yoder
SSG Christopher Ward / SGT Delfin Santos / CPL Wilbel RoblesSSG Christopher Ward / SGT Delfin Santos / CPL Wilbel Robles
CW3 James E. Groves IIICW3 James E. Groves III
PFC Adam C Ross ~ SPC James A JusticePFC Adam C Ross ~ SPC James A Justice
SFC Coater B. DeboseSFC Coater B. Debose
514th MP CO514th MP CO
SFC Riley StephensSFC Riley Stephens
1SG Billy J Siercks1SG Billy J Siercks
SFC Lonnie J. ParsonSFC Lonnie J. Parson
Major David GrayMajor David Gray
SGT Eric E. WilliamsSGT Eric E. Williams
MAFFS 7 White Draw Fire 01 July 2012MAFFS 7 White Draw Fire 01 July 2012
SPC Nicholas A TaylorSPC Nicholas A Taylor
2-27 Inf Regt Wolfhounds2-27 Inf Regt  Wolfhounds
SGT Joseph LillySGT Joseph Lilly
SPC Jose TorreSPC Jose Torre
SrA Julian S. ScholtenSrA Julian S. Scholten
SSG Tyler J. SmithSSG Tyler J. Smith
2-87 Catamount2-87 Catamount
SSG Nigel D. KellySSG Nigel D. Kelly
SGT William B. GrossSGT William B. Gross
1st LT Roslyn "Roz" Schulte1st LT Roslyn "Roz" Schulte
713th EN CO 6 JAN 12713th EN CO  6 JAN 12
Capt Eric "Dirk" ZieglerCapt Eric "Dirk" Ziegler
SSG Jonathan MetzgerSSG Jonathan Metzger
NATC-A BraceletNATC-A Bracelet
1st LT Joel C. Gentz1st LT Joel C. Gentz